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Apprentice & Journeyperson Programs Posted Dec 19, 2016
Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association , Unity, ME (statewide programs)
MOFGA's Journeyperson Program provides hands-on support, training, and mentorship for people who are serious about pursuing careers in organic farming in Maine.

The program is designed to fill the continuing education gap between apprentice and independent farmer, and to provide the resources and opportunities for prospective new farmers who have completed an apprenticeship or have farmed for at least 2 years to further develop the skills they need to farm independently and successfully. The program is largely shaped by the farming interests and goals of individual participants, and is intended to enable aspiring new farmers to gain advanced farming experience, skill, and perspective in a relatively safe and supportive environment, buffered somewhat from the high risk of establishing a farm enterprise. Journeypeople also benefit from participating in a supportive network of like-minded, motivated people.

Application deadline is January 16. More information and application available at

MOFGA's Farm Apprenticeship program connects people wanting to learn organic farming with experienced farmers willing to share their expertise. The typical arrangement involves an exchange of labor for room, board, a stipend, and informal, intensive training and experience in farming.

Farm Apprenticeships provide opportunities for training in:

Organic vegetable, herb, and flower production at many different scales
Marketing techniques, including direct marketing strategies such as Community Supported Agriculture
Raising livestock, including cattle, goats, sheep, horses, pigs, and poultry
Using draft animals for cultivation and woods work
Homesteading skills, including house-building, food preservation, and alternative energy
Dairy farming and cheese making with cows, goats, or sheep
Maple sugaring, orchard pruning, cider pressing, and meat processing
Seed saving
Making value-added products with farm resources
Grass-based and intensive rotational grazing farm systems
These and many other diverse opportunities are available on more than 100 farms throughout Maine.

More information and application available at