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Farmer Posted Apr 19
Midvale Farm , Palmyra, VA
Midvale Farm
Midvale Farm is a family owned 480 acre farm in Central Virginia about 50 miles SE from Charlottesville. We raise organic, grass fed, beef and pork, chicken, and eggs.
Our farming techniques are focused on sustainability, organics, and humane animal husbandry. We currently sell retail cuts of meat to consumers and would like expand this to local restaurants. We intend to someday raise vegetables for year- round sales to local consumers and restaurants.
We are in need of a “Farmer” to work alongside the Owner / Managers. Listed below is a brief description of the skill set needed:
Self-motivator interested in growing a business.
Ability to promote an idea to others.
Ability to get along well with others.
Ability to manage projects.
General knowledge of farming.
Desire to work hard outside.
Experience running tractors, chainsaws, and general hand tools.

Our Motto:
Midvale Farm is a welcoming place for all; a place where people, animals, and the land are always treated with Respect and Dignity.
Our Mission:
To create a place where a group of people can work together to provide the income they need through a successful farming operation focused on sales to consumers and eating establishments.