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Graduate Student of the masters of Environmental Education Masters Program Posted Mar 10
Southern Oregon University , Ashland, OR (OR)
The Master of Science in Environmental Education degree program at Southern Oregon University (SOU) is accredited by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAEE). This six quarter program develops leaders in the field of environmental education. It is housed in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) division and connected to the Biology Department. Coursework exposes students to natural sciences, environmental issues and their associated conflicts, curriculum development, program administration and evaluation, best practices in environmental education, and the history and current field of environmental education. The graduate academic experience can be further enriched by adding a Master of Arts in Teaching with licensure, a certificate in nonprofit management, thesis, or project that can be integrated with the Environmental Education degree. Every student will complete a capstone project delivering a series of residential and non-residential K-12 programs, an exit interview and either an oral exam, project, or thesis. The course of study begins during Southern Oregon University’s Second Summer Session.For information about application requirements visit