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Grower and Groundskeeper Posted Dec 14, 2018
Camp Denali and North Face Lodge , Denali National Park, AK (Located 90 miles inside Denali)
Want a unique experience, in a secluded environment? Join our seasonal, remote community in Denali National Park, Alaska for summer 2019!

A small, family-owned business since 1951, joining our operation means joining a tradition of educating visitors toward appreciation for the beauty of Denali National Park, and the importance of sustainable living. This position will have a start date in early May and extends through September 11th. Employees are required to live on-site for the duration of the summer season, where room and board are provided at no cost.

Our mission statement: "to provide active learning experiences and foster stewardship of the natural world through a tradition of excellence, community and place."


Our remote location and commitment to stewardship require us to be a resourceful team. More often than not, we bake it, we sew it, we build it, we fix it, we grow it, and we recycle it. A sense of place grows from the earnest work of maintaining this enterprise, from the camaraderie and friendships that grow, and from our commitment to provide the best quality experience for our guests in a setting that is beyond compare.

Choosing to work at Camp Denali means embracing the small community that will be your home for four months of the year. Our staff work collaboratively and share close living spaces and common rooms with one another and our bi-weekly turnover of guests. We work hard, and take pride in our work. The exceptional experience we offer to guests is the first and most important thread we have in common each season, but we find time amidst the long hours to play games of capture the flag, have jam sessions, watch movies, watch moose feeding from the pond in front of the dining hall, and so much more.

Working with Camp Denali is an opportunity to connect with coworkers, of all ages and backgrounds, and to form a family. We fill in for one another when we're sick, lend a hand to coworkers who are having a bad day, and share and teach one another our non-work related talents like playing music, carpentry, knitting, sewing, and dancing.

Staff members at Camp Denali work ten hours per day, five days each week to provide excellent service for our guests. Attention to the details of cleanliness and presentation are of paramount importance. Fifty-one staff members live on-site to care for approximately seventy guests each day of our season. Every summer we hire 10-15 new-to-Camp-Denali staff.

"Define Remote....": Please note that our lodge is a 6 hour bus ride from the nearest restaurant, hotel, movie theater, store, or ATM. Most of our staff choose not to leave our property for the duration of the summer, apart from hiking, biking, or canoeing adventures in the park. There is no cell phone service, but we do have pay phones in public places available for use, as well as moderately reliable internet (at browsing, but not streaming or downloading speeds) in common spaces.

Interested in helping to promote sustainable, organic growing practices? Come inspire guests of our remote lodges to buy locally, and explore growing opportunities of their own by feeding them fantastic organic food, grown by you, in a challenging environment, and educating them about the experience.

The Grower and Groundskeeper at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge is responsible for producing organic vegetables and flowers (in a 20ft x 40ft greenhouse and outdoor raised beds) that are incorporated into the meals at Camp Denali and North Face Lodge. Maintaining production of vegetables and flowers, maintaining a composting system, caring for a lawn, maintaining grounds and decorative flower boxes and hanging baskets at both lodges, providing direction and supervision of part-time assistant(s), and interacting with occasional guests to explain the greenhouse operation are the essential responsibilities of the Grower and Groundskeeper.

The subarctic environment is not an easy place to grow food, so experience and interest in meeting this challenge is a necessity! The payoff of living and working in a tight community, with spectacular surroundings makes it well worthwhile.

To apply, please complete our electronic application. A link to the application and list of the materials that must be included can be found here: