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High School Math / Science Teacher Posted Jul 16
Ecology Learning Center , Unity, ME
The Ecology Learning Center, Maine's 10th and final public charter school in rural Maine, is seeking a full time high school Math / Science teacher to begin instruction September 1. The Math and Science teacher will inspire a love for problem-solving, computation, investigation, and scientific inquiry. While the two subjects will be taught separately, each class will relate to school-wide environmental themes (Fall - Food Systems, Winter - Shelter, Spring - Water). The teacher will align the Math curriculum with Common Core State Standards, helping students develop knowledge in number and quantity, algebra, modeling, functions, geometry, and statistics, and frequently engage students in hands-on projects that require students to think and communicate in mathematical terms. The teacher will align Science courses with NextGen Standards and actively engage students in experiments, research, and volunteer work to address local issues in agriculture, forestry, wildlife conservation, human health, climate change, and sustainability science. Visit our Employment page for the complete job description