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Native Plant Nursery Manager & Horticulturist Posted Jan 10
Helia Native Nursery , WEST STOCKBRIDGE, MA
Job Duties: Determine types and quantities of native plants to be grown based on budget and projected sales volume; manage and monitor inventory of nursery stock; diagnose and address any problems with plants, such as nutrient deficiencies, soil, pest and/or disease problems, frost damage and over watering; source stock; purchase new stock; investigate responses of soils to specific management practices; monitor and control resources and spending; study soil characteristics; determine time, cost, resources or materials needed to perform a job; develop methods to investigate soil problems; hire/supervise assistants and assign work schedules; implement policies and regulations; pull plant orders, ability to work long physical days outdoors, extended hours and some weekend during peak growing season; maintenance of website and social media platforms. Working with the land care and install field teams during the slower times during the nursery season will be required and will help to understand how Helia Land Design and Helia Native Nursery operate jointly from the growing of plants to the installations of new gardens and their care. Cross training will allow a strong community of team members and personnel. Must have a valid drivers license and a reliable mode of transportation.

Experience: 3+ years of experience in nursery management, farm management, and/or a Degree in Horticulture preferred. Individuals should have a solid understanding of plant care and basic propagation techniques, as well as a strong ability to identify native herbaceous perennials, grasses and ferns.

Skills: Excellent computer skills, MS Word, and Excel.

Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Contact: Kindly submit a resume, cover letter and list of references to Helia Native Nursery.